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Putting Resilience on the First Place

September 30 ; 9:30 13:00 CEST

Multi-hazards and combined threats’ trends: presentation of the results from the international survey

Public Assessment Tool: Launching a discussion on the CRISPRO support management and evidence-based methods.

The event’s focus is a multi-hazard and multi-vulnerability risk assessment tool tackling the complex chain(s) of socio-economic effects scenarios. Scientists and risk management experts will demonstrate applicable practices and approaches from different countries. The working meeting s the floor for a cross-sectoral discussion on mapping simultaneous, cascading, and even disconnected, but temporally subsequent, hazards or threats that complicate responses. We aim to gain advice and ideas on the content and functionalities of the international risk assessment and mitigation tool for better communicating potential negative impacts and damages caused by hazards and threats due to urbanisation, smartening of society, climate change, and health pandemics. While examining the challenges in the context of community response practices, we will link the system adaptations with political and economic opportunities to determine changes in structural and non-structural prevention measures. The event will be held in English, and you can use the meeting link here to join the public discussion(30.09.2021, 9:30).


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