Latest Past Events

Two Exercises in Savona

Over 20 practitioners, decision-makers and first responders will exercise two crises associated with climate change, natural disasters and coping capacities for vulnerable groups of ill and old persons and refugees.

ROADMAP for risk-prone scenarios

The ROADMAP project aims to promote the use of real-life multi-hazard risk scenarios to retrieve good practices with the objective to enhance DRM when it faces multi-hazard risks. During the past year the ROADMAP consortium worked to find, analyse and propose good practices in Disaster Risk Management in a multirisk environment.  In this third and last ROADMAP...

Collaborative Emergency Response

This CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) aims to define a cooperative framework and the required guidelines for stakeholders from multiple operational organizations to be able to exchange information on situational awareness and the status of the operations, as it is necessary in large-scale crises.  More specifically, the CWA seeks to strengthen the structured and consistent flow...