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INDIMA Interoperability Workshop

8. July 2021 ; 9:00 17:00 CEST

In order for a disaster response operation to be effective, organisations, systems and equipment must meet the criteria of interoperability. Interoperability frameworks are based on appropriate exchange of information, knowledge, experience and its use. 

Interoperability can be realized in cooperation between different actors in emergency response operation when knowledge, technical background and the understanding on purpose of the intervention is common. 

Within the workshop we investigate the levels of interoperability and examine the tools and methods that develop interoperability: 

  • • trainings 
  • • exercises 
  • • communication platforms 
  • • experiences of former disasters 

In addition, we need to look at the possibilities of cooperation between each organization and its vision for development. 

The EU has 3 levels by definition: 

1. Organizational interoperability – ensures the cooperation of the internal processes of different organizations and organizational units. 

2. Semantic interoperability – ensures that the information to be exchanged between organizations and organizational units makes it possible to know exactly in what context how to interpret and process it. 

3. Technical interoperability – ensures that cooperation between information systems can take place in a technical sense. 

Every organization needs to know its place and role in disaster management. The cooperation between organizations operating at the same interfaces is essential. 

Possible steps: 

– Identification of activities (cluster) 

– Defining the level of intervention (territorial, management) 

– Research & knowledge sharing 

– Contacting related organizations 

– Assessing and developing opportunities for cooperation