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Reporting crisis management exercise

February 8 ; 10:00 14:00 CET

This CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) aims to cover standardisation gaps of the evaluation phase and lessons learnt documentation of an exercise of crisis management.

ISO 22398 includes general requirements of the planning, execution and evaluation of an exercise, without particularly providing guidance on the implementation of the evaluation by different participants, as well as on the documentation of the outcomes and lessons learnt of the exercise.

Hence the scope of the current CWA is twofold:

  • standardisation of the evaluation content of an exercise, and
  • proposal of a structured form for assessment and lessons learnt documentation.

Evaluation will be performed in three dimensions:

  • evaluation of the exercise methodology and organization, with the aim of their enhancement for training purposes,
  • evaluation of participants performance for assessment of operational capabilities tested, and
  • evaluation of the success and compatibility of the exercise to the crisis/disaster management mission.

The CWA is of particular use to exercise planners of first responder organizations and civil protection authorities at national or local level and consequently to all emergency response organizations whose members are being trained and capabilities can be enhanced. Moreover, this CWA is of interest to technology and research bodies, as the outcomes of the proposed  standardisation items will provide guidance for the development of customised solutions and methodologies to support evaluation.