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An introduction to Early Warning Systems (EWS) and the Italian example

December 8 ; 12:00 13:00 CET

PPRD East 3 Disaster Risk Management Webinar Series.

Early Warning Systems (EWS) are the very cornerstone of modern Civil Protection (CP) blueprints. An

efficient coordination, communication and pre-activation of the CP system can, in fact, allow to minimize

impacts of natural hazards. In an era where Climate Change has drastically augmented the intensity and number

of events, it becomes mandatory that national authorities adapt and upgrade their forecasting, monitoring and

response capacities by the means of scientific tools, models and efficient planning strategies.

The webinar will guide participants to examine the international state of the art of Early Warning Systems

explaining its main components:

1. Disaster risk knowledge;

2. Warning dissemination and communication;

3. Detection, monitoring & forecasting and

4. Preparedness and response capabilities

Starting from the description and definition of its very basis (the WMO and UNDRR frameworks), the

fundamentals will be explained with practical examples and references.

The Italian Civil Protection system will be used as example explaining the evolution of its EWS after 20 years

from its institution and the challenges that it is facing now.

Davide Miozzo PhD, Risk Management Capacity Key Expert PPRD East 3,

CIMA Foundation

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