Risk Analyses: Challanges of Methods and Data


An international meeting of the civil protection experts on developing methodologies for risk assessment in regions will be held online on 23rd March 2021. The participants will discuss new trends, visions and challenges of the data sharing for greater mitigation of threats from natural or manmade hazards.

Science for Disaster Risk Management 2020: acting today, protecting tomorrow


The “Science for Disaster Risk Management 2020: acting today, protecting tomorrow”, find out more   It is produced with the collaboration of more than 300 experts in disaster risk management. The participants come from different disciplines and sectors (from academia, civil protection groups, international organisations and the private sector, among others) to provide the reader...

Vilnius Security Forum 2021

The Vilnius Security Forum 2021 centres on the western readiness to respond to hybrid threats. The forum gathers specialists on 26th March in Vilnius and going online through webinar formats. A kickoff discussion is focused on the role of civil society in ensuring security and civil protection. Further clashes of information, hoaxing, and manipulation assessing...

Multi-hazards and Cascading Effects: reference areas of impact

Multi-hazards and Cascading Effects: Reference Areas of Impact Join the meeting An event organised by the CRISPRO Security and Protection  Knowledge Network 09:30-09:40   ·      Introduction to multi-hazards and cascading effects Galya Terzieva, ISEMI 09:40-10:15   The Fire Department and Rescue Services of Savoy Josseline Le Fèvre, SDI73, France Lessons learnt from wildfire waves: Fire...

INDIMA Coordination Workshop

International disaster management coordination structures: UCPM – IFRC – UN OCHA) – shortcomings and gapsCoordination structures in Host Nation Support  

INDIMA Legal Aspects Workshop:

International cooperation within a regulated framework is needed to prevent and respond to major accidents and natural disasters. International regulations have been established to guarantee the implementation of international disaster relief operations in a regular manner. Laws, acts and agreements are crucial and they serve as a basis for effective response.  Within the workshop we...

INDIMA Interoperability Workshop

In order for a disaster response operation to be effective, organisations, systems and equipment must meet the criteria of interoperability. Interoperability frameworks are based on appropriate exchange of information, knowledge, experience and its use.  Interoperability can be realized in cooperation between different actors in emergency response operation when knowledge, technical background and the understanding on...

Lessons Learnt from Recent MegaDisasters

 Training and Knowledge Sharing Platform for First Responders and Educational Tools for students’ and citizens’ awareness and preparedness against Natural and Manmade Disasters and Risks Lessons Learnt from recent Megadisasters  in Europe  Keynote Speech:  Prof. Emmanouloudis D., International Hellenic University  Ass. Prof. Chalaris M., International Hellenic UniversityThe role of volunteers in the homicidal disasters Presenter: Dr. Karamanou A., General...